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Be better at marketing, weekly briefing for January 15th, 2011

By Garrett Moon on January 15, 2011 in News.

Every week we publish a bunch of tip, tricks, and strategies to help you improve your marketing. It is valuable stuff, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. Here is a re-cap of the week. Use your Saturday and Sunday to catch up so you can come to work on Monday morning being even better at marketing than you were the week before.


On Monday we started off strong with a post about social media. Social media is not just a fad or a fluke, it is actually the biggest shift in consumer thinking in decades. It is fundamentally changing the way your customers think about you and your products. It IS the new marketing and you better catch up!

No one wants to know what you had for breakfast. Why should you care about social media?


On Tuesday we had serious discussion on benefits, and why you need to be using them to talk about your business. This is the first lesson in our Social Media Field Training and was also the subject of our talk at this weeks NDTweetUp.

Learning to speak in benefits. The first step in great marketing.

We also introduced you to a handy little tool for social media search., a handy little tool for social media search.


On Wednesday this week we unveiled our Social Media Field Guide and announced that we will be hosting two more workshops. One in Sturgis, SD and one in Minot, ND.

Write your own social media marketing plan: Two more workshops announced!


On Friday we talked about super-fans which are, incidentally, the best kind of fans. This post cataloged our own story with and gave did a great job of backing up our previous post about why customer service is marketing.

How to turn your customers into super-fans, and why you should want to.

Even further back….

Incidentally this was the first week that we have officially been called the Be better at marketing blog. If you were left wondering what happened to Width by Height you can surely update yourself with this post:

Things change, good business adapts: Be better at marketing.

Coming next….

Next week we have several marketing tips and tricks for you to take and make your own. On Monday we will be sending out our weekly email with a great article to help you identify five reasons that your online marketing feels flat. Make sure you sign up to get your own copy. After that, you can look forward to our first episode of the Be better at marketing podcast. It will sound familiar, and be more focused than ever on great marketing help.

See you next week!