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Being Loved Is A Choice

By Garrett Moon on July 8, 2011 in News.

Tools are an integral part of our day. No matter the job, there are always tools involved, and they are always desperately important to getting things done. We need them to get things started and to get things done.

It struck me this morning that there are only three kinds of tools.

The first, is the lonely tool. This tool is never used and sometimes still in the cellophane wrapping. It was purchased with high-hopes, but never seems to be called into play.

The second, is the necessary tool. This tool is used, when needed, but never more than that. It serves a purpose and a function but fosters little emotional attachment. We have it, and we use it when necessary, but that is about it.

The third is the best kind of tool, the loved tool. The tool is not only essential to your day, but a pleasure to use. It is called the loved tool because you aren’t afraid use the word love when describing it. It is useful, and it is a pleasure.

What Kind of Tool Are You?

So, which category of tools do you fit into for your customers? Are you still in the plastic bubble wrap, or do your customers jump for joy when they get to take you out of the tool belt?

Be honest now, what would your customer’s really say?

When it comes down to it, what they say is really up to us. We get to decide which type of tool we want to be. Remember, you don’t have to be used everyday to be a loved tool, you just have to be an essential pleasure.

Service Counts

What are some of the things that make a company ‘loved’ in the eyes of customers? Is it an occasional bouquet of flowers or a birthday cake? Maybe that’s part of it, but hardly all of it. What about something like honesty? Or, perhaps, reliability?

Every business book on the shelf loves to talk about the importance of excellent customer services, but often cites amazing, over-the-top, stories of businesses going way beyond reason to deliver service. Sure, these things are great, but they aren’t the only makings of great customer service.

Being a loved tool is exhausting. It takes perseverance and determination. It is something that you choose to be, not something that you are. It is about a daily pattern of making your customer’s life better and easier with each thing that you do.

Being loved is a choice.