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3 Ways You Can Accidentally Become A Content Marketing Genius

By Julie Neidlinger on February 11, 2013 in News.

Are you an accidental genius and didn’t know it?

The best gift you can give your customer isn’t a free toaster. It’s content. Is it possible to become a content marketing genius without knowing it?

There are three things you’re probably already doing that you could capitalize on to create great content for your blog.

You Learned New Stuff And You’re Excited To Write About It

When we learn something new that really grabs our interest, we tend to gush. It’s exciting enough that we want to tell others about it. So…do that. Tell others about it.

Continuing education, a fantastic book, a new hobby, travel, a concert you attended, a movie — these are all things that easily put us into the gushing zone. Our head is full of thoughts and ideas centered around that one experience.

Take advantage of that initial rush before it goes away. Translate that great history book you read on ancient warfare into a blog post relevant to your gardening store. Make your traveling experience relevant for your customers.

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The key skill here, if this new knowledge isn’t directly related to your content niche, is being able to translate it. Translating it into something useful is much different that putting a personal travelogue onto a blog where it doesn’t belong.

You Got To Know Your Customers In Real Life

Listening to your customers and what they have to say about your products, your services, what they want — that’s easy enough to create content from. Heck, you don’t even need your own customers to do that; you can use a website like Quora to find out the same information.

This is different.

This is when you actually listened to Joe talking about his dog, his family, your product, his car, your website — all in one random conversation. And then you realize something about your customers that you hadn’t thought of before. Maybe it’s that you have an interesting person standing in front of you that you could learn something from (see the first point above), or that people are using your product in a completely unusual way you hadn’t imagined before.

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It’s easy to get stuck in a way of thinking about your product or service, and often a bit surprising when you start to listen to those using it. They tell you what they like and what they want, and you might realize it isn’t what you expected.

You Randomly Experience Something And A Thought Strikes You

Hopefully, when a thought strikes you, it doesn’t hurt. Meaning, you’re ready for it.

Just like you need the ability to translate what you learn into something applicable, you need the ability to find meaning in what you’re observing.

Even that driver who has tried nine times to parallel park in front of your office window before driving away in despair might offer you an idea that you can turn into a great blog post. Maybe, as you sit at your desk and watch in disbelief, a headline or two will come to mind.

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Know When To Move On And Capture New Momentum

Observe, realize, and note. Write on paper, in a mobile app, or in your blogging platform as a draft. Just don’t wait, because these kind of observations quickly fade in sunlight and start to seem like “dumb ideas” the more you think about them.

Let’s be honest, though.

You can’t accidentally become great at content marketing and sustain it accidentally for a long period of time. You might excel in moments, but, as with anything that matters, you have to work at it. The point is this: learn to listen, observe, and translate. Stay aware of the times when the ideas are naturally flowing, and get busy creating content out of it. Stock up on blog posts, if necessary, and take advantage of your natural inclination to research. There will be dry spells, so when you’re inspired, run with it.

Go ahead. Accidentally find great ideas for content when you’re just out enjoying life.

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