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Finding Facebook Fame With Laura Roeder

By Justin Walsh on February 10, 2012 in News.

Although Laura’s career started in web design, it didn’t stay there for long. In 2009, Laura turned from web design to web marketing, specifically social media marketing. Now, Laura runs a very successful social media training company that specializes in training the ultra-small business on how to master social media marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even YouTube – it can be a confusing world out there, but Laura aims to make it easier for all of us. She self-published the book Facebook Fame, and has released several video training libraries that cover the gamete – Facebook to WordPress.

We were privileged enough to visit with Laura from her office (for February at least) in Buenos Aries where we asked her some of the most pressing questions about Facebook and how to win as a small business on social media. You can learn more about Laura’s business on her website, follow her own thriving community on Facebook, or check out her status on Twitter. Listen up, you too might just become Facebook Famous!