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Be Better At Marketing With Our Completely Free eBooks

By Julie Neidlinger on February 6, 2013 in News.

Go get your completely free eBooks and be better at marketing.

Interested in making your website a traffic and sales powerhouse? Growing your fans and followers on social media?

Sure you are. We’ve set up a brand new Marketing Guides section on this site where you can grab free copies of ebooks (in several different formats) that will help you do exactly that.

The Facebook Timeline Marketing Guide

Learn everything you need to know about using the Facebook Timeline for increasing your fans and your brand’s presence in the network. Create genuine conversation and buzz around your brand.

The Complete Guide To Marketing With Twitter

Twitter is deceptively simple, but using it successfully for marketing is less so. We share the tips and tricks for Twitter success, and help you grow your brand and your followers.

The Secrets Of Websites That Sell

Is your website selling or is it stalling? We’ll share our secrets to online success, and tell you what you absolutely must avoid doing if you want a website that sells.

How To Ditch The Pitch And Be Human Again

It’s easy to let our marketing become pushy and robotic. Learn to change your approach and get your audience to actually want you to talk to them.

How To Encourage Creativity In The Workplace

Creativity is the foundation for your next big idea and your next successful launch. Unfortunately, creativity is sometimes stifled in the culture of a workplace. Find out how to encourage it with practical actions you can start doing today.