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Business Pros – Check Yourself Into The Leadership Gym

By Garrett Moon on February 9, 2012 in News.

We have gyms for our biceps, gyms for our fast food restaurants, and gyms for our children – why not a gym for our career? G5 is that gym for our career.  G5 Leadership is an online leadership training site that provides webinar style training to a live audience and even offers videos on-demand at a later date.

Cool, right?

G5 Leadership Training

G5 Leadership is something that I stumbled across a few months ago on Michael Hyatt’s blog. As you might know, Michael regularly covers the topic of leadership on his blog, so I immediately made note of his recommendation. At the time it was not affordable, but I kept it on the list of future purchases. Upon revisiting G5, I noticed that the pricing has changed. G5 is now VERY affordable, and is a must-have for just about any professional.

In his latest post about G5, Michael references the costs associated with normal leadership training. According to him…

“On a price-per-minute basis, you can get a degree from Harvard cheaper than you can attend most generic leadership training courses!”

That’s nuts! At $10 a month, G5 is a no-brainer for just about anyone. I have been subscribed for several weeks now, and have enjoyed some of the on-demand content which even includes a presentation by David Allen of Getting Things Done fame. In a few weeks, Scott Belsky, the author of Making Ideas Happen, will be featured. His books is one that we have recommended on this blog.

You can get David Allen's presentation on getting things done, on-demand.

It’s a pretty cool world out there. In marketing and business, there is just no excuse for not continuing to learn. G5 is now one of the new items in the Todaymade employee training manual.

If you are interested, give G5 a look. I am not sure how much longer it will be available, but there is still an active coupon code on Michael’s blog that will get you free access for a year! You get great leadership training, and all you pay is the big donut. Not bad, if you ask me.

  • Gareth Wilson

    This is something myself as a small business could benefit from can’t wait to learn more.