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Grow Your Audience And Get More Fans By Sharing Great Content

By Julie Neidlinger on July 2, 2012 in News.

It’s time for an easy way to find and share great content with your fans and customers.

Our audience wants to hear someone else sing a song once in a while.

It’s true.

They bought tickets to hear us, sure, but an opening band and intermission sounds pretty good after a while.

We’ve already learned how to monitor our brand, and we know our blog and our social media should contain a great mix of content. Now we have to learn to share the spotlight by sharing the content of others.

How Do I Find Content To Share?

We can find content in three ways:

  1. RSS feeds
  2. Online searches
  3. Social Media
RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are syndicated content from websites and blogs. We can use a feed reader to categorize different feeds to make it easy to organize large amounts of related content. RSS feeds are the best way to get consistent content, since we are vetting which sites we want to gather feeds from and make sure the quality is high.

Online Searches

Online searches are how we find content, including breaking news, broad swaths based on a topic, and even those blogs and sites we eventually grab an RSS feed from. These also include things like Google Alerts, an automated way to perform a broad online search on a regular basis.

Social Media

Within social media, we find content. On Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ we have already built a steady supply of content in our news feeds and streams based on people and subjects that interest us. We discover content that they have shared with us.

Giving can be the quickest and most honest way to attract the world’s attention. — Russell Simmons quotes

How Do I Share It?

It’s easy enough to share content that’s in our news feed or stream on a social network, but most of us are using social media management tools, like TodayLaunch, and so we don’t always interact with the networks in a way that allows us to do that. Where does that leave us?

  • We can visit every social network multiple times a day.
  • We can have our inbox flooded with countless Google alerts.
  • We can spend hours performing online searches and sifting through the results for content.
  • We can slog through our RSS reader, and manually copy and paste content into each social network.

That’s going to take some work. There is a better option:

  • We can use the same multiple-network social media dashboard we’ve been using for conversation and brand monitoring to find content to share. Easily.

Using TodayLaunch, we can set up multiple RSS feeds, online searches, and Social Media sources all under one category for easy previewing and quick sharing. We can make as many of these categories as we need.

Set up your categories and give them a name that will be useful for you.

We are probably already following great people on Twitter — adding them to our TodayLaunch content sources makes sense.

Find people on Twitter that fit the category you’re building. You’ll be able to RT their tweets easily.

Find the RSS feeds on the blogs we read. We may already have a collection in a reader, so grabbing those feed URLs and bringing them into TodayLaunch will be easy.

Make sure to use a correct RSS feed URL in order for the content to be collected and display properly.

Think of the terms we’d use for an online search to find content, or how we set up Google alerts (if we’re currently using them). TodayLaunch automatically adds the quotes around the search terms, so we simply need to type in the search, choosing whether we’ll search blogs or news.

We can set up a custom online search and set the content up to be easily previewed and shared.

Once set up, we have a full selection of categorized content to choose from. TodayLaunch lets us preview the content, and even open it if necessary, before we decide to share it.

Our searches and feeds can be read and shared quickly and in one place.

And that’s it! We can add as many of these kinds of searches or feeds as we need based on the category, and as many categories as we want, all with the option to refine later by deleting those terms and feeds we decide we don’t want.

From one place, we can take part in conversation, monitor our brand, and find and share content.

Why Share Content?

The foundation of trust is sharing.

For our customer, that means sharing our own content, but also high quality content from other sources. It tells them we’re in it for them. It tells them we’ll do the work and take the time to sift through lots of content to bring them the best information. They learn to trust us.

Finding the best content and sharing it shouldn’t have to take all day. Using a tools like TodayLaunch helps us be successful without being bogged down. We can build our audience with ease from one social media dashboard.