How To Celebrate National Candy Month

June is National Candy Month. It is also National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. We’re going to tell you how to celebrate one of them, Todaymade style.

Candy Month, it is.

Candy In The Office

Your office should have a candy dish. Ten percent of the time it’s for visitors, ten percent of the time for appearance, and 85 percent of the time for everyone in the office.

Yes, there’s an extra five percent.

Here at Todaymade, we believe in making life a bit sweeter than just a mere 100 percent. And, in that spirit of sharing and celebration, we’re giving you our top-secret candy mashups using Tootsie Rolls and Frooties, the Todaymade sugar avenue of choice.

Optimize your candy enjoyment with these simple mashups.

Make It Real Where You are

With just a few guidelines, you can make your office a bit sweeter.

  1. Walk It. Offer a bowl of candy, but keep it out of your arm’s reach. You want to at least make yourself get up out of the chair if you plan on eating it yourself.
  2. Plan It. Consider some sugar-free candy options for visitors that can’t have sugar.
  3. Season It. Get candy that fits the season or holiday.
  4. Like It. Choose candy that people actually like. Remember the disappointment when dumping out your Halloween bag and finding “yucky” candy? If your candy bowl has been full, without refill, for over a month, you chose poorly.

National Candy Month: a cause for celebration all year long.

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