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Leverage Customer Trust With Recommendations On You Facebook Business Page

By Garrett Moon on December 28, 2011 in News.

With Facebook, there are more than a few hidden features that can mean a lot to any business if leveraged properly. Recommendations are one of those features, and just about any business can take advantage of them with almost no effort at all.

One of the main reasons that businesses get involved in social media is because of the sharing opportunities they provide for fans and customers. Facebook recommendations provide a simple way for anyone who likes your page to ‘recommend’ you to a friend. Think of this as a customer review, but with a more positive twist.

How Facebook Recommendations Work

Currently, Facebook recommendations can only be left on your Facebook business page. On your page, there are two primary places for fans to enter their recommendation. The first happens immediately after someone ‘Likes’ your Facebook fan page.

Recommendations can be added right after someone likes your page.

Once someone has successfully liked your page, Facebook will immediately suggest that they leave a recommendation in a simple drop-down box. From my experience, this is the most effect method for gathering recommendations on your page.

The second method for gathering recommendations is in the right-hand sidebar on your page. This section is much less obvious, but can still be valuable for a very motivated fan.

How to Enable Recommendations For Your Business

To allow customers the ability to leave recommendations, your Facebook page must have a physical location. So, if you don’t have your address listed on your Facebook page, you will need to update it to enable this feature. This could require that you change your page category.

To make changes to your page, click on the Edit button in the upper right hand corner of your profile. Under the Basic Information tab, you will see a drop down box with various categories. Be sure to choose Local Business or Place as the category. This is the only option that will let you enter an address.

Once you have done this, enter your address in the fields provided. And, that’s all there is to it.

Your page must have an associated physical location to make this work.

How to Get Recommendations

Once you have recommendations setup, you will need to develop a few ways to get more recommendations out of your fans. One of the easiest ways is to just ask for them. There are a few places that you could do this.

  • Do a post on your Facebook wall that asks fans to leave a recommendation.
  • Ask fans to leave a recommendation on your custom Facebook welcome tab.
  • Offer a special or an incentive to anyone that leaves a positive recommendation.

Most businesses will find that several of these techniques are required to gain more recommendations to their page. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone who Likes your page from here on out will be prompted with the recommendations box. So, theoretically, just by encouraging more Likes you will be incurring a certain percentage of Recommendations.

Powerful Sharing

Every time someone leaves a recommendation on your page, they are given the option to make it publicly visible to your fans. While not everyone will do this, many will. This simple feature allows a basic recommendation to take on new life, and reach far beyond your usual audience.

Facebook recommendations are one of the simplest ways to generate conversation about your brand. They are surprisingly effective, and as you can see, they are very easy to enable. They are simply another must have in the world of Facebook Marketing For Business.

  • Robin Brown

    With the Pages layout, the “Recommendations” box seems to be an option only when a series of triggers are met, but I can’t figure out which ones exactly… can you help? We’re already local with an address. We have just under 200 likes and the “place” has been “claimed” and okay’d by Facebook admins. What am I missing? The page was launched around June 1, which seems to be the only “problem” – we’re too new to be entitled to recommendations! Our competitors all have the box but less than 25% of the likes. So frustrating.

    • todaymade

      Hi Robin. Recommendations are added as people like your page. Now that you’ve completed the steps, new people that like your page will given the option to add a recommendation. Once you get a few they “magically” appear on the timeline. I don’t know of a way to force the box to the timeline, but I might be missing it.

  • Tina Doran Malone

    it keeps saying that my address is invalid

  • NWC

    i started my page last month and instantly had the “recommendations” tab on my timeline. today, it has disappeared! i can’t figure out how to get it back. coincidentally, the very first fan to leave me a comment when i started (on my timeline, not on recommendations)- her comment has also disappeared! whats going on?! :(