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A Step-By-Step Guide To Merging Your Google+ Page With Google+ Local

By Julie Neidlinger on October 22, 2012 in News.

Google sends you a verification PIN

Google will send you some mail to help you get verified.

Google+ Local made a mess of Google Places.

In the good old days, smart businesses signed up to manage their already existant Google Places pages, adding information on hours, products, and photos to the search results that turned up in Google Maps. Customers could find out all they needed to know about a business, plus reviews, on a Google Maps search result, which brought up those Google Places. Business owners also maintained their Google+ Business Page alongside their Facebook Page. One was map-based, the other two were social media properties.

Then Google created Google+ Local, through their Google+ social networking system, and phased out Google Places. And for a while, business owners had the conundrum of having a Google+ Business Page and a Google+ Local Page with no way to connect them together and have control over the entire package.

You can now connect the two, and you should.

How To Merge The Two

If you have manager access to your Google+ Page, you will be able to connect the two. It’s not difficult, but it isn’t exactly intuitive, either. There will be some time to wait and be patient, and even paper mail, to complete the full process.

1 – Make Things Public

At the top of your Google+ Business Page, click on the “Unverified” icon next to your business name. If you haven’t made necessary information public yet, Google will let you know what you need to change. This will include things like hours and location.

2 – Start Verification

Start the verification process.

Click the “Unverified” icon to start the process.

Once everything is made public, click on the “Unverified” icon again. You will be directed to verify a business from a list Google provides you.

3 – Accept The Terms

Accept Google's terms and conditions.

Google will ask you to accept the terms and conditions, and make any last changes.

Google will ask you to agree to a set of terms, and request a postcard with a PIN. They also give you an option to change information on your listing in the “Modify your profile” link below the postcard sample. Be sure your address is correct.

 4 – Use The Postcard

A postcard from Google will arrive in about a week. It will instruct you to go to, where you can enter the PIN number.

5 – Wait For Verification

While you are waiting for Google to verify your listing, the unverified logo will not be visible to visitors. You will be able to see that it is in progress. If you feel that it is taking to long, you can request another PIN by clicking on the “In Progress” link.

Verified Google Page

A verified page has a checkmark to indicate the process is complete.

Once you are verified, you’ll be able to see a checkmark near your business name on your Google+ Business Page.

A Couple Of Gotchas

There are a few things to keep in mind when merging the two pages:

  1. You have to have a Google+ Business Page before you can start the process of getting control of the new Google+ Local Page that has replaced the Google Places page you may have had control over prior to this.
  2. When you do connect the two pages as described above, you may find, unfortunately, that your Google+ Local Page may have ads from your competitors.
  3. And, finally, as of now you can’t complete the above procedure unless you’re listed as a local business (and not with a business with a “service area”).

If you have a business that fits the criteria (local, public address, etc.), you should merge your pages despite the “gotchas.” Having control over what appears when a customer uses her smartphone to search your business in Google Maps is better than leaving it up to Google. With your Google+ Business Page merged with Google+ Local, you can share the posts you have been sharing on Google+, share photos and information with your customers, and make use of some of the great Google+ features like hangouts and events.

[Question "How have you been using your Google+ Local Page to connect to customers?"]

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  • Kyler Dalton

    How do you merge a G+page that has already been verified? Both G+Local and G+pages are verified. How can I merge them?

    • Richard Place

      I’m in the same boat, interested to know the answer please anyone?

    • Julie R. Neidlinger

      Kyle and Richard, have you had any success yet? This is an older post and I know at the time there were a lot of kinks that needed ironing out. It sounds like this particular issue you describe hasn’t been one of them yet, unfortunately.

    • Michael Mechanic

      Same question

    • Mathew Porter

      Again im in the same position and as of yet have not found a solution.

      • Soraya

        Use this link to talk to a Google Places specialist. They will be able to merge them manually.

        • Rossella Scarano

          The is no way, I had this kind of problem and I’ve been for a few days talking with a google specialist trying to merge a local with a page…it’s not possible

  • Lisa Bailey

    Yes, that’s what I’m here for too! How do you actually merge the 2? After all of the above. Thanks! Lx

  • Clean Web Design

    I wasn’t able to merge the accounts either, since both were verified already, but since the Google+ page had less information, I did delete it, like this: Click drop down list below the google+ logo (top left) > choose “Pages”, click “manage this page” for the one you DON’T want > Click “Settings” (top menu, right), scroll to bottom > Click “Delete Page”). Then, update the remaining one (I kept the original that was from local) with a new image (the image from local was not being used as icon), etc.

  • curious

    Do you lose content or reviews when you merge these pages?

  • Julie R. Neidlinger

    For help with this process, you may wish to find support directly from Google. They have a good conversation going here: look:!category-topic/business/I0Royu8V9x8

  • Alex

    Your post gives a step by step of how to confirm the Google Places page, NOT how to merge the two.

    So HOW do you merge the two?

  • Honduras

    Another false posting. The heading says “How to merge…” yet no where in this posting does it say how. This is another dishonest post using a heading that has nothing to do with content. The entire posting walks you through the step of verifying your page. That is what the heading should say.. “How to verify you google+ page”. Read your own words and highlight for us where the “MERGE” step is. There isn’t any. The merge step is simply describing how to verify the page.

    Its dishonest marketeers like this, that make users wish there is a way to downrank pages in google.

  • Jeff Kee

    You wrote how to verify the business, nothing about merging the two entities together. This is a very misleading title. What a waste of time.

  • Terence M. Gray

    Google have recently changed their branding for businesses under ‘Google My Places’.
    If you want to merge your Google+ page with your Google Local page you can now do this (and I would recommend it). For instructions see my blog:
    (Apologies for the self promotion but it does answer the question here).
    The aim is to bring your Social Postings, Google Map Location and Reviews in one place. Once you have merged Google+ and Google Local you will have a single page which will appear in search listings and show location data as part of your ‘Google My Business’ page. Do be aware that you merging pages does NOT merge individual posts from those pages, only location data and Google reviews.

    • Julie R. Neidlinger

      Thanks for the helpful information, Terence. No apologies necessary. :-)

      • Terence M. Gray

        You’re welcome, Julie!

        • Martin Donington

          Hi Terence. Thank you for your blog. It works. I was able to merge the duplicate with the original.

          • Terence M. Gray

            Hi Martin. Glad it was of assistance. It certainly makes sense for local search to merge Google+ with Google+ Local if you operate the two

    • Rossella Scarano

      You are right but you can merge the two only if you are the owner of the two not just the manager

    • Rossella Scarano

      I would like to ask you an advice
      If you have two google account: and is the owner of my company G+Page and the manager of my company G+Local is the owner of the G+Page
      This is why I cannot merge the Page with the Local. is also the account I use for google analytic.
      I want that one account is the owner of both Local and Page so I hope I can merge them.
      What do you suggest? To make become not only the manager but also the owner of the Local page or the contrary?

      • Terence M. Gray

        Rosella, it sounds like you operate both your company and personal emails and both Google+ Pages (Google+ Local and generic Google+ ). That being the case, yes I would suggest transferring ownership of the Google+ Local page. This is pretty straightforward to do. Details here:

        • Rossella Scarano

          Thank you very much!

  • Joseph Brockway

    Pick Option 2 if you already have a Google+ Page and a Google Local listing. Reviews will be transferred, but it takes a few hours.

  • Rossella Scarano

    I need ad advice…
    If you have two google account: and is the owner of my company G+Page and the manager of my company G+Local is the owner of the G+Page
    This is why I cannot merge the Page with the Local. is also the account I use for google analytic.
    I want that one account is the owner of both Local and Page so I hope I can merge them.
    What do you suggest? To make become not only the manager but also the owner of the Local page or the contrary?

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  • Sabyasachi Roy

    sorry,could not find any relevant to the “merging” topic.

  • Shazida Khatun

    To initiate the merge, login to your Google+ account, select Pages from the navigation on the left, choose your local page (be sure to choose the one with the verified tick) and click Manage this page.

    Now choose Settings and scroll down to Link a different page to this location and then choose your main Brand Page that you would like to now connect to Google Maps.

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