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CoSchedule Launches, And It’s Pretty Sexy For An Editorial Calendar


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“Julie, we’re changing everything.”

It was my first day back after a long vacation in January. I’d been gone several weeks and, in that time, everything changed. Todaymade had shifted and emerged with a brand new shiny goal. Really, it wasn’t that surprising. We’d known it was the perfect fit for us all along, but we’d finally decided to take the leap and own it.

We changed everything.

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CoSchedule Launches, And It’s Pretty Sexy For An Editorial Calendar


Todaymade Welcomes Brian Nelson

The Todaymade crew keeps growing! We are proud to welcome Brian Nelson to our team.

Brian Nelson, Application Developer

Brian will be working as an Application Developer here at Todaymade, building single-page web applications on our signature Node.js and Ember.js stack. With his help, we will be making some huge strides on our own TodayLaunch CMS Content Management System, and the custom development projects for some of our favorite clients.

With a serious interest in biology that led to a Masters degree in neuropharmacology, Brian brings science to the Todaymade mix. He has experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3 and making tasty mead and beer. His love for Sci-Fi and looking both ways when crossing a one-way street makes him the perfect transporter chief.

You may already be familiar with some of Brian’s work here at Todaymade. He recently debuted his talents as a writer on the Todaymade Dev Blog.

To sum it up, Brian is a master of science, a coding wizard, a heckuva good writer, and the owner of a super-functional haircut.

Yeah, we’re pretty happy to have him on board.

Welcome to the team Brian!

Todaymade Welcomes Brian Nelson

Todaymade Is Coming To Atlanta, Ya’ll

We have some big news for our friends in the south – Todaymade is coming your way!

Todaymade is coming to Atlanta!

As of May 2013, we are officially open for business in Atlanta and the surrounding area. You might think we’re only after the warmer temperatures (and we won’t lie, it’s tempting), but it is much more than that.

We think and code on the cutting edge of the web. It’s what we believe in. We’ve seen so many opportunities as we’ve worked with clients from the southern part of the country that we knew it was time to have a more permanent presence in the region. The Atlanta area felt like a perfect fit, with its history as a national center of commerce and a growing reputation for technology.

With an expanding landscape comes an expanding team, and so we welcome Hayden Wreyford to the Todaymade team. He is our “boots on the ground” in Atlanta, our web evangelist.

Hayden Wreyford, Todaymade Web Evangelist

Hayden Wreyford, Todaymade Web Evangelist, Atlanta GA

Though Hayden has lived in the Atlanta area since 2002, this Georgia Bulldog has called the peach state home for most of his life. He’s not one to sit still, a musician and all around people-person who has the ability to make you laugh and be your friend almost immediately. He’s an avowed fan of Apple and the latest in technology, interests which have served him well as a kind of Internet jack-of-all trades over a decade-long career in graphic design, blogging, networking, and marketing. His knowledge and love for technology, mixed with that ability to genuinely connect with people, make him the perfect face of Todaymade in the Atlanta area.

As our web evangelist, Hayden is a hybrid of engineer, hacker, salesmen, product manager, marketer, and teacher. He’s all about helping new clients experience a better web using our software and services.

This is a natural growth for Todaymade, reaching across the country to find and connect with those great people and projects that are a perfect fit.

If you see Hayden around, be sure to tell him “hi.” You can also give him a call at the new Atlanta hotline: 770-696-6233. He loves to meet new people!

Todaymade Is Coming To Atlanta, Ya’ll

Introducing TweetCaller, A Vintage Way To Send Your Tweets

Vinyl is popular, record players are everywhere, and vintage style is back. We thought we’d do the same for your tweets.

That’s where TweetCaller comes in. Instead of sending a tweet to your friend using Twitter, TweetCaller lets you send your tweet over the phone, fax, or in the mail. And, not only that, but it gives you different options on how you want that to happen.

Let’s back up the truck for a second, and start from the beginning.

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Introducing TweetCaller, A Vintage Way To Send Your Tweets

TweetCaller Sketch

Write A Guest Post For Our Blog

creating great content

We remind ourselves of our goal, every day.

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting guest post submissions at this time. Thank you.

We love great content.

It’s what motivates us. In fact, our goal is to help the world create and distribute content. And that’s where you come in.

Are you passionate about content marketing? Do you read our blog and have ideas of topics that you’d like to share with our audience?

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for great writers who are:

  • Readers and fans of our blog
  • Already familiar with the kind of content we feature.

We like excellence in writing, unique ideas that aren’t a re-hash of what’s already out there, and content that is, quite frankly, amazing. It might be a how-to, a tutorial, something inspiring, or great advice. We like blog posts that:

  • Are well-written.
  • Not shallow or too short (Intro, body, conclusion. 800 – 1000 words).
  • Have at least one incredible image.
  • Are useful to our readers (tell a story, use example, or give specific actionable things they can do after reading).
  • Fit with the content of this blog and include several links to our own blog posts (means you’re spending time and reading our blog).
  • Are written first and foremost for sharing incredibly useful information with our readers, with linkbacks and SEO secondary motivations.

If you’re not sure if your post fits, review the posts on our blog. Read several posts. Read about our Todaymade blogging style guide to get a feel for how we write and what we want from blog posts.

You’ll get an idea of how long our posts are, the topics we cover, and the detail and content quality we’re looking for. We’d love it if, inside your guest post, you could link back to a previous post or two here on our blog. It gives our readers a chance to connect with our other content.

What We’re Not Looking For

It’s simple, really. We’re not looking for:

  • Shady get-rich-quick or get-300%-increase-in-followers-in-one-day type posts.
  • Recycled, over-used, same-old same-old content.
  • Generic non-specific posts you are shopping around to anyone who’ll bite. If you’re not sure, please read this blog post.
  • Posts made of content found somewhere else on the web, even if it was your previous content and you change a few words.
  • Sloppy grammar and writing.

Most guest posts are rejected because of poor writing, or overly generic content that has nothing new, nothing specific, and no real value to readers. If your post has nothing specific for readers to take away, is full of generalities, and adds nothing new that hasn’t been said before, do not submit it here.

Publishing Guidelines

Any content that you submit to us for consideration must meet these extremely important guidelines. As a serious content creator, we’re sure you will understand:

  • No paid-for content, including affiliate links, paid-for links, anchor-text-keyword shenanigans, sponsored posts, paid-for reviews, press releases, advertorials, excessive self-promotion, et. al.
  • Your content must be completely original.
  • You must own the copyright to all associated images or other materials.
  • Your content must never have been (or will be) published elsewhere.
  • We do not pay guest writers for their content.
  • We do not accept payment to run your post on our blog.
  • Posts must be written in good English.

We will not accept posts with any questionable content. We will remove links from the body of your post if we feel that they are suspect.

Prepare Your Post

It’s important to submit a post that’s ready to go.

Post: You should email the HTML of your post as a plain text file (no Word files, please), including any image(s) with it. It should be formatted and ready to be put directly into WordPress. Your post should have no H1 tags within the body, but should use at least H2. It should have paragraphs, headings, and be proofed. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be impeccable.

Headline: Include a headline. Please read this post for ideas on creating great headlines.

Bio: You may include a bio of up to three sentences. We allow you to include two links. These two links should link to your blog or a legitimate website of similar content of our site that you are a part of, or a social media account. They should not link to any site you are being paid to promote, or any site promoting loans, shopping, etc. We reserve the right to request a different link if we find the link questionable.

We reserve the right to edit your headline, post, and bio so that it fits with our blog. We will also edit the formatting to fit our blog style for tweets, quotes, and questions. If we like your post but feel it needs work, we’ll give you an opportunity to do so.

If you accept these publishing guidelines, and have a great blog post ready, send an email to and attach the post to the email (not in the body) as a text file in HTML, as well as the image(s) that need to accompany it.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Write A Guest Post For Our Blog


Todaymade Welcomes Seth Bicknell

Seth Bicknell

Seth Bicknell, Application Developer

We are excited to welcome Seth Bicknell to the team here at Todaymade.

Seth will be working as an application developer for our team, building single-page web applications on our signature Node.js and Ember.js stack. He has already had a hand in CoSchedule, and some of our coolest client projects.

Seth joined Todaymade from the University of Minnesota where he majored in computer science. His work experience has focused extensively on software and database development where he gained a reputation as someone who continually challenges himself to do more, and do it better.

Seth is a man of many languages. In his career, he has mastered C++, Python, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, JavaScript, and even Japanese – all languages that come in very handy as an online software developer and engineer.

Welcome to the team Seth!

Todaymade Welcomes Seth Bicknell

The International Troll Registry Now Live, Saves Kittens Everywhere

Trolls Kill Kittens

UNDER A BRIDGE, SOMEWHERE – Internet users rejoiced on Monday, April 1, 2013, upon hearing that the International Troll Registry was opened up to troll registration.

“Internet users have grown tired of dealing with trolls,” said Garrett Moon, one of the founders of Todaymade, a content marketing and web development company. “You try to ship something and make some forward progress and trolls do their best to take you down.”

While no surprise to Internet veterans, new users to the internet are often shocked at how innocent comments and requests can bring down virtual fire from above into their router and onto their screen.

Trolls, and their patented “trolling” techniques have wreaked havoc on many online industries.

“It’s a real problem,” said Moon. “Whether you’re writing about food, politics, or social media, trolls are on the alert. They have a well-developed artillery and are skilled at human psychology.”

Trolls are often found in locations where people expect to transact business or get help, such as Craigslist, Apple/Android forums, reddit, hackernews, and Yahoo! Answers. Unsuspecting Internet users stumble into elaborate traps, unaware that they are dealing with a troll.

“What we hope to see happen with the troll registry is at least let trolls form some kind of a cohesive group for their own internal support while simultaneously alerting the public to who they might want to avoid engaging online,” said Bert Morgoth, an admitted troll and vocal supporter of trolls. “Eventually, we’d like to see levels of certifications based on trolling ability, and possibly a forum dedicated just for training trolls and helping them improve their skills.”

Currently, the registry only allows for the creation of a database of trolls and the saving of kittens. Future benefits, such as Morgoth’s certification and training, are in the works.

Interest in the International Troll Registry has been growing. Though the creators, Todaymade, have been unwilling to release the proprietary algorithms which they claim perform the kitten-saving, they have made registration free and open to anyone in need.

Register as a troll: The International Troll Registry

The International Troll Registry Now Live, Saves Kittens Everywhere

Troll Registry

25 Days Of TodayLaunch

The 25 Days of TodayLaunch

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Todaymade! Wishing you 25 awesome days of family, friends, holiday cheer, and TodayLaunch.

25 Days Of TodayLaunch


Why CoSchedule Doesn’t Have Google+, And What You Can Do About It

Google hasn't released an API yet.

We’re patiently waiting for Google to release the G+ publish API.

What’s one of our top requests for CoSchedule? Google+ integration.

And, to be honest, we would like to add for our users. So, why haven’t we? In a word: Google.

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Why CoSchedule Doesn’t Have Google+, And What You Can Do About It

Google hasn't released an API yet.

The Cleaner, Faster, And Cheaper Social Media Alternative For Small Business

You now have an affordable option when it comes to managing your brand’s social media, and it’s called TodayLaunch.

HootSuite social media dashboard alternative.

The social media dashboard with the exciting rocket logo that you can afford.

TodayLaunch solves the most common frustrations we all have with social media management tools. Read the user comments on any social media site, and you’ll see people struggling with tools that keep them from being productive, that make simple tasks complex, and that price the little guy from having access to full features.

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The Cleaner, Faster, And Cheaper Social Media Alternative For Small Business

Hootsuite social media dashboard alternative.