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Now Launching, The New Mobile-Friendly TodayCMS

By Garrett Moon on April 20, 2012 in News.

Today, we are taking the cover off a new user interface design for TodayCMS, our custom content management system. TodayCMS is a work horse, for us and for our clients, but it hasn’t seen a major update since its official launch back in July.

The all new, mobile friendly, TodayCMS!

TodayCMS has always been the easiest and most powerful content management system in the region and, dare we say it, just about anywhere. The pride of TodayCMS is the simple user interface that still provides powerful control. If you can send an email, you can update your website.

A New UI

A big part of what has always made TodayCMS easy to use is a clean user interface. With the new look and feel, we have perfected this simplicity. You will notice a clean, new look that is both user-friendly, beautiful, and even optimized for mobile computing! The new TodayCMS looks, and works, great!

Sidebar Navigation

One of the most significant changes to TodayCMS is the new left-handed navigation menu. All of the editable sections of your site should now be available with a single click. This removes the cumbersome drop-down menus of the past and puts your content at your fingertips.

Speed Enhancements

Publishing is faster than ever!

Along with the visual make-over, the app also went on a diet. This version is lighter in weight, which means that users should see a definite improvement when it comes to speed.

Improved WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor in the new version has been completely reworked to removed some of the hassles that can come with modifying content on the web. The new editor is faster, cleaner, and grows right along with your content.

A Better Form Builder

In the new TodayCMS, building your own web form is easier than ever. The interface makes issuing updates a breeze, and gives you complete access to your data. All form submissions are backed-up, and can be downloaded as a CSV file in an instant. We’ve even integrated with PayPal to allow basic shopping cart functionality.

Mobile Ready

Let’s face it, it’s a mobile world. More and more of our lives are carried out on our smartphones and tablet PCs. TodayCMS will meet you where you are. TodayCMS now embraces our responsive design technology, making it easily accessible on iOS and Android devices. Just navigate to TodayCMS in your mobile browser, and let us handle the rest. With TodayCMS, it’s easy to make text and data changes to your website on the go!

The First Of Many

This new release is only the first of many enhancements that will be coming in the next few months. Think of the new TodayCMS as a clean canvas, ready for some paint. We are only a few weeks away from a brand new TodayPulse, and the beginning of an entirely new era in the history of our humble company.

Until then, happy updating everyone! For more information, or a demo, give us a call!

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