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The three key components of brand engagement – introducing Todaypulse.

By Garrett Moon on December 7, 2010 in News.

Yesterday, I de-bunked the idea that you could build your brand with advertising. You can’t, but you can, and must, engage with your brand.

There is a difference. Stay with me.

I know that engagement is a silly buzz word that us marketing types like to use. I get that, but it doesn’t make it less true. There are three key ways that we can engage with our online brand. These are the three keys to true online conversation.

1. Respond to your audience

This is the simplest thing to do and one of the easiest to forget. The rule is simple. If someone mentions you online, thank them. If someone comments on your blog, reply. If some sends you an email, send them one back. If you get a bad review, apologize – publicly. Simple manners can go a long way and they are the first step in online brand engagement.

2. Connect with key communities

Don’t forget that that online media is all about creating conversation. You absolutely must be involved in the conversation. This doesn’t mean that you merely respond to people who come to you,  you need to go to them. If there is someone else writing a great blog with an audience that would appreciate what you do, then get involved in their community. Post comments, create discussions and answer questions. The cross-pollination that can happen is key to your brand success.

3. Learn from available resources

There are a literally gazillions of resources that we can learn and grow from. Your brand requires that you become a life-long learner. Look outside your industry, read blogs from people that are doing everything right and immerse yourself in new technology and information. Expanding horizons make expanding brands.

Keeping your online pulse

We believe that these are the three keys to online success. They are so vital, in fact, that at Todaymade we have started labeling their collective aggregation as an online pulse. The more a company has happening in each of these categories, the stronger their pulse.  In fact, we have begun developing a product that helps you engage with your brand’s online heartbeat.

Introducing Todaypulse

Todaypulse is designed to be the primary beating center for your online brand. It is not just a place to monitor what is happening with your online presence, there are plenty of products that let you do that. Todaypulse is built around engagement and is focused on getting you into the conversation using our pronged approach. Respond, connect and learn.

We are very excited about this product and will definitely be talking about it more in the future. We will be rolling it out to our clients soon. And then… the world!

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