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The Super-Fast And Free TodayLaunch, Your Internet Marketing Launchpad

By Garrett Moon on June 4, 2012 in News.

A new day is dawning at Todaymade, and we’re calling it TodayLaunch.

Say hello to our new social media and internet marketing toolbox, a fast and friendly replacement for our previously named TodayPulse application. This new platform is free, faster, more mobile, and now includes scheduling for both Twitter and Facebook!

TodayLaunch: Mobile-friendly, super fast, and free.

This social media tool represents the first of many changes we’ll be making to our entire software line-up over the summer. In the next few months, TodayLaunch will mature to fully include our custom content marketing system and a host of new features that marketers and business owners are sure to enjoy. But for now, let’s get our social on…

Your Social Media Dashboard

TodayLaunch is a social media dashboard for Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. It sports a clean user interface that mimics an email inbox. All of your accounts are now managed from one spot, so there’s no more jumping around to handle your Internet marketing.

See your social media as an inbox, and find out how much easier it is to manage.

Monitor Your Brand, Find Great Content

Track all mentions of your brand online, whether in social media on blogs or even on news sites. In the same way, TodayLaunch allows you to find and organize outside content that may be valuable for your readers. You can set up categories and topics, filling them with RSS feeds, social media content, news and blog searches. You can preview the content you discover to decide if you’d like to publish, and then easily click to publish on whichever social media account you want the content to appear.

Set up brand and content monitors while managing your accounts.

Schedule And Publish Posts

And, most importantly, TodayLaunch lets you easily publish or schedule your posts to run at the date and time you need them to. One publish interface is all you’ll need to get to know. Write your post, add a link or photo, publish now or schedule it for a later time and date.

Publish, add links or a photo, or schedule the post for later -- all in one interface. Super easy.

Launch On The Go

TodayLaunch is mobile-friendly, fitting any mobile screen and device, making it easy to manage your social media on the go.

TodayLaunch is mobile-friendly, making it easy to manage on the go.


TodayLaunch is completely free during the beta period, and there will always be a free version available.

Did we mention that TodayLaunch is free?

A Development Platform

And, there’s great news for developers: the future of TodayLaunch is open to you. Give the best tools to your own clients. Check out the details and sign up for TodayLaunch platform access.

Developers, start your rocket boosters.

All You Need Is An Account

Head on over and sign up for your free TodayLaunch account, and find out how easy it is to use our internet marketing toolbox.

Completely managing and mastering your social media IS a Good Day.