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Happy Birthday! Todaymade Turns One

By Garrett Moon on October 6, 2011 in News.

One year ago today, Todaymade officially opened it’s door for business!

For us, it was a magical moment. Todaymade was something that both Justin and I had been planning for some time. It was the company that we both had been waiting to work at, and create.

At one year, there are still many, many, things that we have yet to accomplish, but we are certainly proud of our first 365 days.

In the first year, we have published over 200 blog posts that help our customers do better marketing, we have taught companies how to write their own social media marketing plan, we have launched dozens of new websites, and we have unveiled our flagship products – TodayCMS and Todaypulse.

Oh, we’ve even remodeled and moved into our first office in downtown Bismarck.

Most importantly, though, we have meet and work with some of the greatest businesses in the country and North Dakota. They keep us in business, and on our toes. We are sincerely grateful to all of them and wish them nothing but the WOW customer experience that Todaymade strives to provide.

So, what does a young Internet marketing startup do to celebrate a day like this? Well, we just keep helping you be better at marketing, of course. It seems like the prudent thing to do :).

Today we continue onward – thanks for a great first year!

  • Chris Ames

    Congrats guys! Keep rockin it.

    • Garrett Moon

      Thanks Chris!