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Welcome to 318 E Broadway, The Social Space

By Garrett Moon on June 27, 2011 in News.

So, here’s some fun news. Todaymade is officially, and finally, getting it’s own home. By that, we mean an office, and we are pretty excited about the opportunity that we have lined up.

318 E Broadway!

For Todaymade, an office was always in the cards, but until recently, we hadn’t found the right space, location, or potential that we needed to make things work. Up to this point, we have been working out of home offices, which certainly comes with its own set of benefits, but of course, it’s time to move on.

The Social Space

So, we have officially entered into a lease for the new Todaymade headquarters which will be located at 318 E Broadway in Bismarck. One of the things that has always been on our “want” list for an office is a colocation space. By this, we mean an open office complex shared by several small businesses. The great news is that this is exactly what we have found.

Todaymade, Wild Inspire Media, and URL Radio will all but working out of one office complex that we are unitedly calling “The Social Space.” All three of these companies are web based and inherently social by nature, so the match fits. We will each have our own office home, but will share an address, conference room, and a fine-tuned space for training and learning.

An official 'before' image. It's a fixer-upper.

A Place For Social-ness

One of the things on our list of “must-haves” was a training facility. Along with Wild Inspire Media, Todaymade will continue ushering in a new era of marketing with social media and internet marketing training. We have a lot of ideas on how our training will work and will be releasing some new plans in the next few months.

In our minds, both training and a social atmosphere are of upmost importance. We believe they help enhance creative thought and the ongoing development of new ideas. This is exactly why we’ve had our mind set on a colocation workspace. They offer a rich and creative environment for anyone willing to join in. Not only do more people bring more ideas, but they bring different perspectives and information from their own line of work.

Very often, you have to tear down ideas to make something new.

Above all, The Social Space is meant to be a place where the creative and social media curious can come to hang out, enjoy some Wi-Fi and learn a little bit about all things social. We know that social media is not a trend, it is a direct change in how the world communicates. We’ve doubled-down with The Social Space, and are very excited about the possibilities.

Renovation has officially started and will be well documented on our Facebook page. Be sure to like our page if you haven’t already!

A fresh coat of paint will do that old ceiling some good.

The Social Space after one week of renovation.

  • Chris Ames

    Congrats guys! Excited for ya!

    • Garrett Moon

      Thanks dewde!

  • Scott Wild

    Whoooohooooo! I can hardly wait! It eats up all of my thinking time now.

    I’m really looking forward to shipping some great product with you guys!

    Game On!

    • Garrett Moon

      I hear ya! I just want to be swinging a hammer. It is going to be sweet.

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