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Willow Creek Lawn And Landscaping Sprouting Just In Time For Spring

By Julie Neidlinger on March 16, 2012 in News.

With the arrival of spring, all things new are in the air. Willow Creek Lawn and Landscaping needed a garden-fresh online solution for their business and for their customers, and so they turned to Todaymade for a little help.

Willow Creek Lawn and Landscaping's new site gives back to clients.

We created a website sprouting with content, including a ‘Tips & Ideas’ gallery that provides useful information to help homeowners freshen up their lawn with some incredibly useful ideas. In fact, the website is filled with ways for customers to get value for their visit and to connect with Willow Creek Lawn and Landscaping with ease, including an active lead collection strategy in the form of a free lawn consultation online form.

The new website is optimized for the mobile user.

Just as a lawn adapts for the seasons, the Willow Creek Lawn and Landscaping website will adapt for whatever screen or mobile device it’s being viewed on. It uses ourĀ responsive website design technology, allowing the look and functionality of the site to remain stable on any size screen or smartphone.

Stop by the Willow Creek Lawn and Landscaping website, try out the responsive website design technology, and maybe even get some great ideas for your lawn this summer.