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Click To Tweet WordPress Plugin

By Garrett Moon on May 14, 2013 in News.

click to tweet plugin for wordpress

Create beautiful Click To Tweet boxes in your blog posts.

Today we are proud to release a brand new Click To Tweet plugin for WordPress!

You may have seen this plugin before as a regular feature on our own blog posts. Now, we are pumped to be releasing it for all of the world to use. The concept is pretty simple – create beautiful Click To Tweet boxes anywhere in your blog post.

This WordPress plugin allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers. Use pullquotes and custom messages inside the body of your blog post to highlight your content for the reader and make it simple for them to share on Twitter.

Pretty cool, right?

You can learn more here, or download it now.

Also, be sure to tell your blogging friends!

click to tweet for wordpress

Easily add click to tweets boxes with a single click.


Click To Tweet box on a sample blog.

Click To Tweet box on a sample blog.

Click To Tweet box on a sample blog.

Click To Tweet box on a sample blog.

Download the plugin now.

  • James Gentes

    Awesome. I was going to build this thing after seeing it on your blog. Thanks for the great plugin!!

  • Collin Kromke

    You said it’s a premium plugin, but I can’t find the price anywhere. Can you please share that information? Thanks!

    • Garrett Moon

      Hi Collin, the price is free. All you can tweet – no charge to you :)

  • Bobby Shirley

    I love this!! I’m using it here: I do have one question, is it possible to use a URL shortening service with this?

    • Garrett Moon

      I am glad you like it! That is good suggestion. We may consider that upgrade in the future. :) Thanks!

      • Bobby Shirley

        Great! Look forward to it. Thanks for the plugin.

  • Carlie Hamilton

    I second the URL shortening. But thanks for this great service, it was very timely that I saw it today. :)

  • davvyk

    Im looking for something that just lets me add a button that will tweet out a specific message. Ill give this a try but im not sure its what im looking for

  • CANDo Life Skills

    Just downloaded and started using this on: It’s just what I want but a tad too big, is there any way I can reduce the size of the box and font?

    • Julie R. Neidlinger

      Currently, there are no settings to adjust the appearance of the box. Perhaps customization like that is something we’ll consider in the future. Thanks for trying out the plugin!

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  • imadime

    i love the aesthetic of the plugin, but i THIRD the url shortening / integration with bitly for tracking purposes, more than anything.

    • melissaringstaff

      Me, too. I really could use the shortening – my urls tend to be long. :) Love this plugin!!

      • LeadGenius


  • Alex Barker

    So I found this via Google (thank you!) and installed it. LOVE IT! Adding it to my posts now :)

    Is there anyway to add hashtags to all tweets or my twitter handle?

    • Garrett Moon

      Hi Alex, you can add you twitter handle in the settings. This will control the “via” option for twitter. Otherwise, hashtags and handles need to be added separately inline. This is to allow you to choose the length of your tweets each time.

      • Alex Barker

        WOW! Thanks Garrett!

  • Karl Steinmeyer

    Simply,…. beautiful.

  • Robb Gorringe


  • LiewCF

    Thanks for the great plugin. Would be great if there’s a character counter to warn me that my tweet message may be truncated.

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  • Chris Dickman

    Can one pay to remove the coschedule link?

    • Garrett Moon

      Hi Chris, that option is not available at the moment.

      • Chris Dickman

        Thanks for the speedy reply. That’s too bad. Also problematical is the lack of URL shortening and, as far as I can see, no way to have it formatted as a pullquote — default display is a bit overwhelming. You’re close to a great plugin, hope you can add just a bit more functionality.

  • Monica Gutierrez Ortiz Mena

    Hi, I’ve added this plugin to my blog, but it doesn’t work when I click the click to tweet icon. It only worked when I went directly on the click to tweet webpage and copy pasted the link to my blog. i wasn’t able to make a box, it only looks like a normal link. Any tips on how to use this? thanks!

  • Paul Sutherland

    It looks great. I find that if I go back to edit the post, then the tweet code/text has disappeared. Is this normal?

    • Julie R. Neidlinger

      That shouldn’t happen, Paul. We have some help documentation here:

      Be sure you’re setting up the code correctly: [Tweet "your message here"]

      • Paul Sutherland

        It shows now when I go back to edit! I think there may have been a caching issue.

  • Geoff

    will it work with ?

    • Garrett Moon

      Sadly, no, but thanks for checking in.

  • zonemom

    How do I change the font and text size?

    • Garrett Moon

      Right now, that is not supported by the plugin unless you use CSS to make the changes.


      • zonemom

        What default font settings does it pull from (i.e., Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.)?

        • Garrett Moon

          It depends a bit on the individual CSS settings for your theme, but generally it will use the font from the body of the post.

  • Jared Latigo

    Great plugin! Can’t believe I didn’t think to make that “click to tweet” idea better looking and more functional. :D

    Question. I’m seeing a lot of people asking about customizing, myself included. Would you mind if I wrote a post about some ways to customize via CSS? Just thought I’d ask your permission first.

    • Garrett Moon

      That would be great Jared. Thanks for your support!

      • Jared Latigo

        Garrett. I posted a link here a few days ago for the post but looks like it didn’t get approved. Just wanted to let you know I did write that post so hopefully it helps someone. They can find it on my site.

    • Steve Frank

      Jared, wondering if you wrote the post on how to customize via CSS? When I first saw this on a site, it simply had text that said “Tweet That” after the copy they chose to have tweeted. But, when I add it to my site I’m getting a large box. Am thinking that your customization post might give me the info I need to change that. ??

      • Jared Latigo

        I did. You can find it on my site. Jaredlatigo .com. Right now it’s on the homepage but if it’s not you can use the search on the left for “click to tweet”. Hope that helps.

        • Steve Frank

          Thanks, Jared. Very helpful, although looks like the box around it needs to remain. I was hoping to just get it inline with the text in the paragraph.

          • Jared Latigo

            If that’s all you want you might try clicktotweet .com. it will let you generate a shortcode for whatever you want to tweet. You can then just do a text link in your editor. Hope that helps.

  • @5Watts

    great plugin. really like it. Two issues. 1) it automatically adds the source page URL to the tweet. Can you add toggled on/off in settings? 2) sometimes my tweets are truncated with … even though they are well within the 140 character limit. Ideas? Great product.

    • Julie R. Neidlinger

      Currently, the plugin will add the source page URL to the tweet. That can’t be turned of in any settings. You can find out more about the plugin here:

    • Liz

      Adding the source page to the URL is a problem for me as well. Would be willing to pay minimal fee to have toggle option and remove to the “powered by CoSchedule”

    • Páll Csaba

      Hi. I’m trying to put links in click to tweet box but simply the links are eliminated and automatically adds the source page URL. How can i put links?

  • Stylos

    “” This does not work (also when changing leading ” character with ‘ or `. On the WordPresspage the php do_shortcode content is ONLY shown as a string – the content between the squaser brackets. – I have set the whole php statement in quotes (“”), for it did not displaye here in the comments…
    Any hint – or does this generally don´t work when the shortcode is called via php? In a regular POST the “pure” shortcode works. Really would like to make use of you plugin that way. Thanks!

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  • Hugh Briss

    Cool plugin except for the link to Coschedule. I’m sure there’s a way you could benefit from making this available without making us promote your website in ever single blog post we use this in. I’ll be using another plugin because of that.

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  • Reza Zadeh ن

    Hello there, I may have a very simple question, but I have downloaded the click to tweet plugin, but how to I install it? in my plugins? i tried that and I am not sure what file to click on. can anyone help?

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  • Bijee

    is it possible to incorporate being able to use the shotlink instead of the permalink which takes up space?

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  • Amy Hall

    Do you have a link shortener in the works for this? Maybe using the WP short link?

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  • Michelle Anderson

    I just put it in a post – the color is way too light (it chose a light green?). Can barely read it. Any way to change it to black?

  • Jayden Hall

    I have just installed and activated the plugin, but my Twitter box doesn’t look as the one on this page. Font is different, just like color and size. Also, the “Click to Tweet” button is different. How can I make it look EXACTLY like yours? What font are you using, and what color and size? Please see attached image. Thank you!

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  • SL Blogger

    very smooth…thanks