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Why CoSchedule Doesn’t Have Google+, And What You Can Do About It

By Garrett Moon on October 25, 2012 in News.

Google hasn't released an API yet.

We’re patiently waiting for Google to release the G+ publish API.

What’s one of our top requests for CoSchedule? Google+ integration.

And, to be honest, we would like to add for our users. So, why haven’t we? In a word: Google.

The simple fact is that Google has not released a publish API for the Google+ network. What this means for us is that Google will not allow products like CoSchedule to publish posts to your profile pages. While we can read data from the Google+ stream, we can’t publish or schedule your messages from within the application.

This is a self-imposed limitation of Google+. It’s a huge bummer to say the least.

From the Google API Documentation.

[quote "The Google+ API currently provides read-only access to public data."]

Developer Access

You may remember a few years back, when Twitter first started to gain popularity. One of the “secrets” to its success was an open and aggressive developer program. As developers adopted Twitter, the network gained credibility and mass appeal. Facebook is no different. Their app and developer platform is straightforward, and a tremendous part of their success. Can you imagine Facebook with out FarmVille or BeJeweled? (OK — that might be a bad example.)

Can you imagine a tool like CoSchedule not including Facebook and Twitter? Google might be missing the valuable role that the developer community plays in its future success.

Everyone Benefits

The reality is that when many social networks are brought together under one application, everyone benefits. It seems fairly obvious why this is. For example, when CoSchedule added LinkedIn publishing, my personal use of that network increased dramatically, and it did for others as well.

It is sort of like the clustering of fast food restaurants. While it sounds counterintuitive, the more you put together, the more likely they are to succeed. When you bring several together you have yourself a “destination area” rather than just a restaurant.

It is hard to say what’s holding Google back. Ad revenue? Fear of mainstream success? Why would they purposely hold themselves back?

Google, of course, has no obligation to CoSchedule, but there are still three very good reason why we decided to write this blog post.

  1. We wanted to explain why Google+ is not available in CoSchedule.
  2. We want to express our frustration with the development program at Google+ for whatever its worth.
  3. We would like to ask you to do your part in encouraging Google to do the right thing.

How You Can Help

Send Google a message on Twitter

Let Google know what you want with a tweet.

1. Tweet

To help, first let Google know that you would like to see them open up the Google+ publish API to everyone.

2. Discuss

Second, provide Google with some (friendly) feedback in the development forum.

3. Civility

Third, and most importantly, don’t be evil!

Don't be evil.

Let Google know what you want, but don’t be evil about it.